October is Community Safety Month

News Update 13 September 2016

October is Community Safety Month, a national initiative aimed at raising awareness of safety issues such as protective behaviours and cyber safety.

The month provides an opportunity for local communities to link together and coordinate activities to create safe, secure and injury free environments. 

As part of the month the City of South Perth has partnered with organisations including WA Police, Constable Care and the RAC to deliver a series of free events and activities throughout the City.

Events include road safety information sessions for seniors about licence renewal, changes to road rules and responsibilities of mobility scooter riders. Senior’s cyber safety and scam sessions will highlight how to recognise fraudulent emails, how to help prevent identity theft and carry out secure online banking.

Protective behaviours workshops for parents and teens will focus on modern-day parenting, while Constable Care performances for children will communicate key safety messages.

As part of the month, the Gone in Less than 60 Seconds display car will be at various locations throughout the City to challenge people to find valuables in a bid to show how quickly car theft can happen. Supported by WA Police, the campaign aims to raise awareness that it takes less than 60 seconds to steal from a vehicle and hopes to encourage people to be proactive in a bid to reduce car theft. As part of the display, visitors will be challenged to find all the valuable items commonly targeted by opportunistic thieves, such as mobile phones, computer tablets and cash. The car will also feature a television screen that will show CCTV footage of real thefts from motor vehicles demonstrating just how quickly this crime can happen. 

For more information and to register for events visit Community Safety Month.

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