Public Art in our City – have your say

Media Release 8 September 2016
Manning Community Hub Public Art South Perth Foreshore

The City of South Perth is seeking community feedback about where, why and what types of public art they would like to see within the City.

The City regularly reviews its Public Art Strategy, updates policies and delivers a range of public art projects throughout the year, the community’s input will help to guide these decisions and projects into the future.

“Public art is part of our everyday lives and plays a really important role in our community, from sculptures and statues to murals, temporary or 'pop up' art, it sparks interest, reaction and contributes to the social and culture fabric of the City we live in,” Deputy Mayor Glenn Cridland said.

“At its best, public art has the potential to excite and engage people, activate sites and enhance the amenity of our built and natural environment. It is highly subjective though, and people have very different ideas and strong opinions about what 'good' art is, and how and where it belongs within our City. That’s why we need our local community to tell us what kinds of public art they want to see and exactly where they want to see it.”

The City supports the development of public art through its investment of 2% (of a total project cost) towards public art in new above ground urban design, public open space, community building constructions and redevelopment projects with a value greater than $2 million dollars. Two upcoming commissions that will result from this policy and investment include a new artwork that will be installed at Millers Pool on South Perth’s foreshore and artworks which will be integrated into the soon to be completed Manning Community Hub. The Millers Pool area will feature a sculptural work by artist team, Jana Wallace Braddock and Shane Mullins. The work aims to showcase the sky, the water and the newly revegetated pool in a constant, passing series on mirrored revolving spheres. Manning Community Hub will have a series of integrated artworks by artist team Milne and Stonehouse (Susan Milne and Greg Stonehouse) which will include a freestanding sculpture, 20 exhibition light boxes and a glass transparent canopy that explores immersion and reflection. Both projects are due for completion by the end of 2016 with official public launches to occur in early 2017.

In addition, the City’s Planning Policy P316 Developer contribution for public art requires developers of projects with a value of $4 million or greater to contribute at least 1% of the total project cost (excluding land value) towards public art. The contribution can be delivered as public art within the development itself, within the neighbouring precinct, or as a contribution to the City’s Public Art Fund.

At present the City has approximately 23 permanent public artworks, however, since the introduction of planning policy P316, the City has seen a significant increase in developer contributed artworks. It is anticipated that the number of public artworks will double in the next few years. Two recent public art commissions that have resulted from this policy include artist Alex Fossilo’s ‘The Gatehouse’ at 152B Mill Point Rd in South Perth and artist Leanne Bray’s ‘Ivy’ at 3-5 Barker Ave in Como.

People interested in providing feedback on public art within the City can do so by visiting the City’s Your Say South Perth engagement portal. Feedback closes 21 October 2016.

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