Ernest Johnson Reserve Master Plan – construction set to commence

News Update 22 August 2016
Ernest Johnson Reserve

Upgrades to Ernest Johnson Reserve are set to commence in October 2016. The City’s Ernest Johnson Reserve Master Plan is a $10.5million major project which will accommodate the needs of sports clubs, community groups, the local community and the City, and will produce a contemporary, functional and sustainable multi-purpose facility.

Following stakeholder and community engagement, the development application for the site was approved at a Council meeting held in July 2016. The project went out to tender in August.

Works will be completed in two stages with the first stage including construction of new clubrooms, roadworks and parking facilities. The second stage will include civil works such as demolition of existing buildings, oval works, and construction of sports facilities, playgrounds and social areas.

In accordance with the City’s Public Art Policy, a percentage of the total cost of the project has been allocated towards the procurement of public art. Artists were invited to submit expressions of interest  in January 2016.  

The following artists were successful:

Artwork 1: Two-dimensional work integrated into the building
Leanne Bray’s artworks will reflect the City’s heritage homes and buildings. The north facing wall of the building will have a coloured gloss brick feature expressed as geometric patterning, akin to some of the Art Deco geometric architectural qualities found in the area. 

Artwork 2: Three dimensional sculptural artworks 
Lorenna Grant’s south facing standalone sculpture “The Goal Keeper” is a 7.5 metre ring that will create a sense of arrival and departure for the community who use the reserve. 

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