South Perth Station Precinct Parking Management Plan - Working Party

Media Response 3 August 2016
South Perth Station Precinct
Journalist’s background: My questions about the South Perth Station Precinct Parking Management Plan are as follows, I'm hopeful of a response by close of business tomorrow.

Please attribute the following comments to City of South Perth Mayor Sue Doherty

How important is the plan for the South Perth Station Precinct?
The Plan is essential for the current and future management of the limited number of parking spaces available within the South Perth Station Precinct. One of the key aims of the Plan is to ensure that priority is provided for those who are either living in or visiting the precinct over those who choose to park in South Perth and then commute to the CBD.

As the population and volume of traffic moving through the City and South Perth Station Precinct increases, undertaking proper planning and effectively managing parking is of critical importance. The development of a Parking Management Plan for the Precinct aims to address current and future parking needs while working towards minimising congestion.

It is vital that we prioritise access for pedestrians, cyclists, public transport users, people with disabilities and make the most of the public transport infrastructure, balanced with the needs of the City road network.
What is the timeline for introducing the plan?
The Plan will be completed by the end of 2016 and its recommendations will be progressively introduced as the trigger points for change are exceeded.
Does the City of South Perth know how many parking bays will be introduced as part of the plan?
The number of new bays, if any will be assessed as part of the proposed “Parking Demand Forecast” and “Public Parking Provision” components of the Management Plan.
Are there specific areas that that the City is targeting to have more parking bays as part of the plan?
The process of nominating specific areas for future supply will be completed as part of the “Public Parking Provision” component of the Management Plan, if there is a need identified following completion of the “Parking Demand Forecast”.
What type of people is the City looking for to be a part of the working party?
The City is inviting up to ten local residents who live within or in close proximity of the Precinct, situated on the Mill Point peninsula, to join a working party together with local business owners and City staff, to assist and contribute in the development of the Plan by providing feedback at a series of meetings to be held this year. Ideally the members of the working party will have local knowledge of the parking situation within the precinct but have an open mind to consider other points of view and embrace the challenge as a team rather than a group of individuals with a single agenda. The residents responding to the invitation will provide a brief synopsis of the challenge that will be facing them and how they can make a positive contribution to the proceedings.
What feedback is the City looking for from the working party?
 The general expectation is that the members will bring to the working party a local perspective that is more than an individual’s response, act as an advocate for others, be well prepared by having read and understood the adopted Parking Strategy and the implications of the hierarchy of actions, and have read and understood any material distributed to them prior to the working party meetings.
How many workshops and other events will the City run for the working party?
 The number of meetings is not likely to exceed four. Any other events or workshops will evolve from the Working Party meetings.
Anything else to add?
 The working party will also involve the wider community in the development of the Plan by seeking their opinions, views and ideas at workshops and via written submissions.

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