Council adopts revised planning policies

News Update 5 July 2016
The Council has adopted the below revised policies at the meeting held on Tuesday 28 June 2016.

The draft policies were revised after community consultation in May 2016. The changes are summarised as follows:

P301 Community Engagement in Planning Proposals; amendments to widen the extent of neighbour and community consultation undertaken for certain kinds of planning proposals.

P312 Serviced Apartments; addition of a clause restricting change of use from Serviced Apartment within the Special Design Area of Special Control Area 1 to non-residential uses only.

P350.02 Boundary Walls; amendments to make the policy consistent with the Residential Design Codes.

P350.03 Car Parking Access, Siting and Design; amendments to update reference to Town Planning Scheme No. 6, remove duplication of Residential Design Codes requirements, clarify requirements relating to setbacks and carports, and specify minimum sizes for car stackers.

P350.04 Additions to Existing Dwellings
; deletion of clauses regarding skillion roofs and upgrade of retained dwellings, as they are no longer used.

P350.07 Fencing and Retaining Walls; amendments to allow fibre cement or metal sheeting on side boundaries within the front setback and walls to shield meter boxes adjacent to the street boundary, ensure any fencing within a driveway corner truncation area is visually permeable, and describe the method of measuring the driveway corner truncation area.

P350.09 Significant Views; amendment to the scope of the policy to account for the new deemed provisions in Town Planning Scheme No. 6 and amendment to the policy statement to clarify information requirements and factors considered in assessing impact on significant views.

The revised policies apply to development where planning approval is issued on or after 29 June 2016.

The revised policies are now available to view on the City’s website.


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