South Perth Station Precinct - Town Planning Scheme Amendment No. 46

Media Release 20 April 2016
South Perth Station Precinct
At the City of South Perth Council’s Agenda Briefing held on Tuesday 19 April, the Council Members heard deputations from members of the public on the officer’s ‘Report on Submissions’ relating to Town Planning Scheme Amendment No. 46 ‘South Perth Station Precinct’

Approximately 135 people attended the meeting held at the South Perth Community Hall where 16 people presented deputations on Amendment No. 46.

City of South Perth Mayor Sue Doherty said, “Local residents, ratepayers and developers have a strong interest in the future of the South Perth Station Precinct, and we have listened to many diverse views and opinions on proposed changes to Amendment No. 46.”

The City conducted extensive community engagement in regard to the changes to the Scheme Amendment during the public comment period from November 2015 to February 2016 and received 882 submissions. The City held a community information session in December on Amendment No. 46.

In March 2016, the Council invited Expressions of Interest (EOIs) from those who wished to make a deputation on the officer’s recommendations on Amendment No. 46. The City promoted the opportunity and a total of 16 EOIs were received, all of which were heard at the meeting. 

“Council will now consider the Officer’s Report, public submissions and deputations before making decisions to achieve the vision for the precinct, while protecting the amenity for the local residents. The Council is striving to create a vibrant, attractive business location featuring a rich choice of employment, public transport options, pedestrian friendly tree-lined streets with reminders of South Perth’s heritage,” the Mayor said.

The Council will adopt recommendations on Scheme Amendment No. 46 at the Ordinary Council Meeting to be held at 6pm on Tuesday 26 April 2016.  The recommendations will then be referred to the WA Minister for Planning for her final decision on the provisions to be included in Amendment No. 46.

All documents including a copy of the Officer’s Report and associated attachments in relation to Amendment No. 46 are available on the City’s website, at the Civic Centre Office and the City Libraries.

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