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Media Response 4 March 2016
South Perth Station Precinct
Journalist background: I am writing an article regarding the recent Supreme Court decision concerning the Lumiere development in South Perth and was hoping to get some comment from the City. The questions are below. 

Please attribute the following comments to City of South Perth CEO Geoff Glass: 

What prompted Amendment 46 to the Town Planning Scheme? What are the potential implications of this for existing and future large-scale developments if supported by the Community and endorsed by Council?
Through assessment of development applications since the special provisions for the South Perth Station Precinct were introduced, a number of anomalies and ambiguities in provisions under a previous amendment (Amendment 25) came to light. The City initiated Scheme Amendment No. 46 to rectify these and to strengthen criteria for building height variations.  More detailed information on this can be found at yoursay.southperth.

The submissions received in regard to Amendment No. 46 to the City’s Town Planning Scheme 'South Perth Station Precinct' are currently being assessed and, when that process is complete, a report on the submissions will be presented to Council. 

What is the City's response to the recent Supreme Court decision regarding the approval of the Lumiere development?
The City intends to take legal advice in considering the Supreme Court ruling to obtain a full understanding of its implications for its local planning processes and seek clarification where needed. 

When is a decision regarding the approval of the 44 storey development at 74 Mill Point Road expected?
The decision by the Development Assessment Panel is expected in late March, unless an extension is granted by the DAP.

How will this decision affect the legality of current, proposed and future developments planned for the South Perth Peninsula?
The Supreme Court decision only applied to the proposed development at 74 Mill Point Road. In relation to proposed or future developments they will need to demonstrate compliance with the Supreme Court decision.

What is Council's stance in relation to the development of large-scale developments such as Lumiere, Civic Heart and Aurelia?
The City initiated the South Perth Station Precinct (Amendment 25) to facilitate a more compact and mixed use development that would be closely integrated with a planned South Perth rail station. The developments cited were approved by the Development Assessment Panel, after taking all of the relevant town planning requirements into consideration.

How will traffic to and from South Perth be impacted if several large scale commercial and residential developments are created? Is there a strategy planned or in place to deal with this?
The City believes a combination of public and private integrated transport options, including bus, ferry, cycle and future rail (South Perth train station) are essential to support the anticipated more compact development in the South Perth Station Precinct. 

The City has plans both in place and in development to address the short and longer term issues associated with the potential for increased traffic in this Precinct. 

In the short term (during construction) the City is working closely with construction companies to ensure appropriate traffic management plans are in place and the impacts of multiple construction sites are mitigated as much as practical.

To address longer term impacts, the City is updating traffic modelling for the Precinct to ensure planned transport infrastructure and services are appropriate.  The new traffic management model will be better able to assess the cumulative impacts of development. Multiple stakeholders including the State Government and its agencies must be involved in ensuring there is adequate public transport infrastructure and services to support the envisaged higher density in this area.

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