Modifications to Amendment No.46

Media Response 19 January 2016
South Perth Station Precinct
Please attribute the following comments to City of South Perth Chief Executive Officer Geoff Glass

Why is the City of South Perth proposing the amendment 46 to the City’s town planning scheme?

The City first advertised Amendment No. 46 for public comment in March 2015. On 27 October 2015, a Special Council Meeting was convened where Council considered submissions received during that consultation period, and in response to community concerns endorsed a set of significant modifications to Amendment No. 46.

The modifications include:

Reduction in the extent of the Special Design Area
Creation of absolute height limits
Maximum 10% variation from minimum lot area and frontage
Increased street setbacks in certain streets
Mandatory 1.5 minimum non-residential plot ratio
What long-term benefits will the amendment deliver to South Perth?

The amendment will build on the changes made to the scheme in January 2013, which first enabled the South Perth Station Precinct to be redeveloped as a vibrant and attractive business location. The amendment provides clarity on aspects that were unclear and increases certainty for developers and the community on the type of development that the Council considers appropriate for the precinct.

Under the proposed amendment, what are the new building height limits in the special design area and how do these compare with what’s available under Amendment 25?
Under the current scheme, there is no limit to the total height that could be achieved provided a number of criteria are met. The proposed amendment introduces building height limits, which are dependent on the individual lots. For example, lots with an existing height limit of 25 metres will have a height limit of 55 metres provided the criteria required are met, the equivalent to approximately 18 stories. Lots with an existing height limit of 41 metres will have a height limit of 80 metres, the equivalent to approximately 26 stories. 

Is the increased proportion of commercial floor area designed to ensure more businesses can be based in the precinct?
The proposed minimum commercial floor area is designed to ensure that developments make a significant contribution to the precinct as an employment destination.

Will new development applications to the City of South Perth be assessed under the existing scheme and the proposed changes and will that create uncertainty about the economic viability of projects?

The advertised scheme amendment is not yet part of the Town Planning Scheme. However, the Council or the Development Assessment Panel must have due regard to this scheme amendment (to the extent that it is relevant) when determining applications for planning approval.

The City is currently seeking feedback on the changes proposed to Amendment No. 46. Once the submission period has closed, the City will review feedback received before a recommendation is made to Council. We strongly encourage interested people to have their say and welcome submissions by 5pm, Friday 5 February 2016.

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