JDAP Approval of 74 Mill Point Road

Media Response 28 May 2015
South Perth Station Precinct
Please attribute the following comments to City of South Perth Mayor Sue Doherty

What is Council's reaction to the 3 to 2 decision from the Metro Central Joint Development Assessment Panel (JDAP) to approve the 29-storey building at 74 Mill Point Road?

Council is incredibly disappointed that the JDAP failed to take on board the resolution from the City’s Special Council meeting, dismissing community feedback that called for changes to the plans. Their decision is contrary to the community’s aspirations for a development more in harmony with their local community.  

Residents say this sets a precedent in that developers can overide Council and resident's wishes by ignoring things like the special electors meeting outcomes - what is Council's view on that?
The State Government has mandated that Development Assessment Panels replace Council in the decision making process for developments of over $10 million. Council can only provide their recommendation to the JDAP for consideration – denying Council any decision-making capacity.  

In this instance, a Special Electors’ meeting was held for residents to express their opinions to Council in relation to the 74 Mill Point Road development and the area as a whole. 

Developers and applicants are required to take community submissions into consideration during the development application process. When an application complies with the provisions and requirements of the Town Planning Scheme, it will be supported by the City to and recommended to the JDAP for approval. 

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