Canning Bridge Structure Plan

Media Response 21 May 2015
Canning Bridge

Journalist background: We're looking at running a story relating to the Department of Housing’s submission for the Canning Bridge Structure Plan. In their submission they suggest a maximum size for new detached dwellings in the area to curb the trend of huge single detached dwellings being constructed.

Please attribute the following comments to City of South Perth Mayor Sue Doherty and City of Melville Mayor Russell Aubrey

In the submission the Department suggest that a maximum dwelling size be introduced to curb the trend of "new huge, single detached dwellings". Do you think this is a feasible suggestion and is this something the City of Melville would consider?
The Canning Bridge Structure Plan (CBSP) provides design guidelines that encourage the development of multiple dwellings (apartments) rather than single houses and grouped dwellings.  

Are there any issues regarding "new huge single dwellings" within the precinct that have deterred medium density, as the City has suggested?
The CBSP is a part of the overall Strategy between both the City of South Perth and City of Melville that aims to provide an increased diversity of housing choice throughout these areas. With the growing number of single person households, a predominance of 3 and 4 bedroom dwellings is contrary to this trend.  The Structure plan provides more opportunities for people to make a choice.  

The Department have also said, in their submission, that the current very low Department of Housing presence in the CBSP, compounded by the general level of affluence in the precinct creates a risk that the plan will not create affordable housing or a presence of "equity" in the community. Do you agree with this statement? Why/why not?
There are incentives built in to the plan to provide for an element of affordable housing. This is through the provision of a range of housing options as well as providing an opportunity for bonus provisions if affordable housing is provided as part of an affordable housing scheme and ceded to the Department of Housing or a relevant not for profit organisation (Canning Bridge Structure Plan, Element 22.1.4, page 41).

It is important to note that in the definitions, affordable housing (Canning Bridge Structure Plan, Interpretations, page 43) means dwellings that households on low to moderate incomes can afford, while meeting other essential living costs.  Affordable housing includes public housing under the National Rental Affordability Scheme together with private rental and home ownership options for those immediately outside the subsidised social housing system. 

Anything else to add on the submission?
The nature of the Canning Bridge Structure Plan and the focus on performance based assessment aims to provide well designed developments providing a full range of pricing options for housing.  Canning Bridge is a unique location with access to an extensive array of transport options with the train station, high frequency bus routes, cycling and walking facilities, as well as access to freeways and regional highways.  This is an exciting opportunity for development outside of the City Centres.

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