City of South Perth awarded funding for CCTV project

Media Release 26 February 2015
Karawara Vision
The City of South Perth welcomes the State Government announcement for funding of $25,000 to support local crime prevention initiatives in the community. 

The funding will be used for the City of South Perth George Burnett Leisure Centre (GBLC) and Gowrie WA CCTV Project – a project seeking to reduce the anti-social and criminal behaviour around the Gowrie (Karawara Family and Community Centre) and GBLC on Manning Road, Karawara.

The aim of the project is to provide support to the Police and the local community through the use of CCTV surveillance. Increasing the CCTV coverage for both centres will greatly improve the likelihood of capturing offenders and deterring incidents of crime and anti-social behavior in Karawara. 

City of South Perth Mayor Sue Doherty said, “Improved security measures are important for those in our community to feel safe. Both facilities are well used by many families, individuals and groups and the additional CCTV will provide a sense of security during the hours of early morning and late evening.”

The increased CCTV coverage will benefit around 100 families at the Gowrie, 50 staff members and the children and families they support, as well as the many visitors and user groups of the City’s popular leisure centre. The CCTV will also provide a safer environment for the homes surrounding the facilities. 

“We are thrilled the State Government has recognised how important it is to keep our local communities safe through crime prevention initiatives.  

“The City and our local police team have a great relationship, and we commend the Kensington team on their hard work and efforts to maintain the feeling of safety and security in South Perth. It is through our collaborative working relationship this funding has been made possible and we are pleased to have been provided the opportunity assist with improving security measures,” said Mayor Doherty. 

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