Update on Supreme Court Action

Mayor's Diary 5 December 2014

The City has been party to two actions against the Minister for Local Government and the Local Government Advisory Board.

In June, the City joined with other local governments and Vincent resident Ian Ker in actions to have the Minister for Local Government and Communities’ boundary proposals declared unlawful and invalid.

Last week, there was a hearing at the Supreme Court where the Chief Justice Wayne Martin considered the actions.

All of the actions, and grounds within these actions, were dismissed – meaning that the legal action has been unsuccessful and is now over.

We participated in the legal action because there was, and continues to be inequity between those electors who were able to participate in a poll and those who did not have this democratic right to have their say. Under the current legislation, local governments who have the opportunity to amalgamate, such as the City of South Perth and Town of Victoria Park, benefit from the capacity to trigger the poll provisions, whereas those subject to boundary changes do not have this right.A copy of the Draft Judgement can be downloaded from the Supreme Court’s website.


As I mentioned in my last entry, a petition generated by the community group ‘City of South Perth Residents’ Association’ gathered 411 signatures and was presented on the steps of Parliament on Tuesday 18 November.

The City expects to receive formal notification of a poll taking place following the closing date for requests tomorrow, Friday 5 December 2014. 

As promised, as soon as the formal notification is received I will post an entry with further details on how to vote, when to vote, etc. 


Earlier this week Kensington Police were awarded the prize for ‘Police Team Category’ at the 9 News WA Police Excellence Awards. Of a total 60 nominations received, Kensington Police received 23 – a fantastic effort.

We are all very proud of the police team’s efforts and all the work they do to ensure our community is kept safe, secure and well connected via their innovative social media networking.

Further details outlining their success can be found on the Police WA website.

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