Proposed Como Hotel Redevelopment

Media Response 22 August 2014

Please attribute the following comments to City of South Perth Mayor Sue Doherty

What is the City's response to the Joint Development Assessment Panel (DAP) decision to reject the redevelopment proposal?

The City is pleased the DAP members recognised that the proposed development was not acceptable and refused the application. If the proposed development were to go ahead, there would be significant impacts to noise, traffic and safety in our local community. The City does not believe there is a need for a Dan Murphy’s super-store, with 12 liquor outlets within a 4km radius of the Como Hotel site at present.

Why does the City think the proposal was rejected?

The application was refused for the following reasons (summarised):
The design of the proposed ‘Dan Murphy’s’ building does not demonstrate sufficient compatibility with surrounding buildings. 
The proposed 3-metre street setback to the Norton Street boundary of the ‘Dan Murphy’s’ building does not adequately protect the amenity of adjoining land.
The proposed building design and scale is out of character with the predominately single storey residential character of Norton Street.
The finished floor level of the ‘Dan Murphy’s’ building is constructed higher than the equal cutting below and filling above the ground level. 
The additional traffic generated by the proposal, particularly from the proposed ‘Dan Murphy’s’ bottle shop, will unreasonably contribute to greater traffic congestion in the immediate locality and adversely affect the amenity of surrounding residential streets. 
As advised by Main Roads Western Australia, the retention of the existing vehicle access from Canning Highway conflicts with Development Control Policy 5.1 ‘Regional Roads (Vehicular Access)’.
The proposal should provide 161 car bays and only provides 148 car bays, a shortfall of 13 car bays. 

What, if any, is the next step in this process? 
The applicant has the right of review of this decision by applying to the State Administrative Tribunal.

Media contact

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