State Government Planning Reform - Phase Two

Media Response 13 August 2014
Please attribute the following comments to City of South Perth Mayor Sue Doherty

Background: The following questions were asked in regards to a media release issued by Planning Minister John Day titled ‘New Planning rules to save time and dollars’. This release highlighted the changes to the State’s planning system following the introduction of the second phase of the State Government’s Planning Reform. A full copy of this release can be found at 

What do the proposed planning changes mean for residents seeking planning approvals?
Within the current local government reform process any merged entities would be required to adopt a new town planning scheme that will incorporate the same content at the Model Scheme Text being prepared by the Western Australian Planning Commission. In the future this is likely to mean single houses that comply with the Residential Design Codes will not require planning approval of the City.   

Will it change the process of applying for approvals for planning matters?
The process of applying for planning approval will not change in the short term.  However the City and the Western Australian Planning Commission are investigating an online application system.  This will make it easier and faster for both developers and landowners to lodge planning applications and to track their progress. 

How will the DAP process change?
The thresholds for development applications to be presented to the Development Assessment panels (DAP) for determination will be widened. Presentation of an application to the DAP will be voluntary where the cost is between $2 and $10 million, and mandatory where the cost is above $10 million. The City of South Perth can choose to refer an application to the DAP for determination if it falls within the new threshold. 

Media contact

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