Manning Community Hub Development Update

Media Release 4 July 2013
Manning Community Hub
The City has obtained the Certificate of Title to the commercial land (and portion of the community land) in relation to the Manning Community Hub Development. The next phase is to secure subdivision of  the land to facilitate the development of the two commercial lots which will ultimately be sold. This process will likely take 3 months or so as servicing agencies need to be involved to allow them to set conditions on subdivision.

The City is not expecting any unusual conditions on subdivision. Following this process the City will be required to comply with the conditions and this will likely be in the form of ensuring that each lot is serviced with an underground power connection, water and sewerage etc. It is anticipated all of this would be achieved by the end of the current year which will enable the land to be sold in early 2014.

To find out more about the project, visit the Manning Community Hub page.

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