South Perth Station Precinct

Media Response 4 April 2013
South Perth Station Precinct
Please attribute the following comments to City of South Perth Mayor Sue Doherty:

1. Amendments to Town Planning Scheme No. 6.

a) Why does the City hope to see a future train station in the precinct? What are the reasons behind it? It is necessary?

The provision of a train station is crucial to the success of the South Perth Station Precinct.

The train station is a necessary component of the public transport network servicing South Perth and the design of the Precinct was based on the expectation that a station will be provided.

The South Perth Station will facilitate easy and convenient access for visitors to the Zoo, sporting clubs, schools and the numerous large-scale events that take place on the foreshore, such as the Australia Day Sky Show. Additionally it will offer a viable public transport option for those already living and working in South Perth. 

The Amendment to the City’s Town Planning Scheme will allow for a cluster of more intensive development in South Perth with building heights increasing to 12 and 13 storeys in Mill Point Road, Melville Parade and Judd Street. With new development attracting more people to the Precinct, a train service will provide for growing numbers of residents, workers and visitors travelling to and from the area.

Providing a rail travel option would encourage the use of public transport, resulting in reduced traffic congestion and environmental impacts, and providing better health and wellbeing to all who live and work in the City.

b)  What growth will the development of the precinct bring to South Perth?

The objective is to rejuvenate this area of South Perth by creating lively streetscapes with cafes, restaurants, office space, apartments, and hotel accommodation.

The Precinct will attract business, employment and residents, strengthening the City’s economy and making South Perth a more sustainable community.

c)  Are any negative impacts expected?
The negative impacts of any traffic congestion will be avoided through the timely provision of the South Perth train station.

d)  Is there anything else you would like to add? 

The City has reviewed its Town Planning Scheme to best support a train station. The plan for the South Perth Station Precinct has been developed to create a well-designed urban area that facilitates and encourages the use of public transport to reduce traffic congestion.

The train station has been promised by successive governments since 2003 and is yet to be delivered. The time has come for the government to meet its commitment and to reinstate costings for the South Perth Station in forward estimates.

For more information about Amendment 25 to the Town Planning Scheme No.6 visit the South Perth Station Precinct page.

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