Canning Bridge Structure Plan Workshops

Media Response 23 November 2012
Canning Bridge
Journalist’s background: The following questions relate to Canning Bridge Structure Plan.

Please attribute the following comments to City of South Perth Mayor Sue Doherty

To date, how many submissions have you received about this plan or relevant plans?
The Canning Bridge Structure Plan is currently in the preparation stage which involves community engagement, and has not yet reached the stage of seeking formal submissions. 
To-date there have been two community workshops and there will be further opportunities for input from the community in the future.
What will be the next step?
On completion of technical investigations and the current phase of community engagement, a draft structure will be prepared for public consultation. 

What is the community response the City is receiving from the workshops?
The community planning workshops have been well received by the community, and there will be more opportunities for input. They have demonstrated the great interest of the public in the development of this area.  

Does the City see the workshops as successful?
Community planning workshops are designed to give our residents an opportunity to tell us what they think about key planning considerations such as cycling and public transport movements, building forms and heights, environmental issues and of course social aspects of community life. 

Planning for the future is a challenging task. It is a balance between meeting the diverse needs and expectations of existing residents and making suitable provision for future generations, while considering other issues in the precinct and evolving with the community of Perth.

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