South Perth Bike Plan

Media Response 15 December 2011
Please attribute the following comments to City of South Perth Mayor Sue Doherty:

How much money is the City looking to put into the bike plan over the next five years?

The priorities in the South Perth Bike Plan 2011-2016 will be progressively implemented in future annual budgets. In addition, the City will be seeking grant funding from State agencies such as the Department of Transport to implement bike plan initiatives.

I can see a lot of the areas mentioned that need to be improved as part of the plan but I was wondering if there was a commitment as to how many km of additional bike paths might be added as part of the plan?
The main focus of the South Perth Bike Plan 2011-16 is on consolidating and making routes more effective and safer for bicycle use.  The City is proposing to construct a new bicycle route to strengthen the link between Canning Bridge interchange and Curtin University.  This link will provide opportunity for cycle rather than commute by car or public transport.

How important is the bike plan to the city going forward?

The Bike Plan is very important as it will provide a greater opportunity for people to use an alternative mode of transport other than being reliant on the car. 

By developing a comprehensive bike network to encourage more bicycle use, we can significantly reduce road congestion, oil use, air and water pollution and greenhouse emissions, and improve road safety, community health and exercise levels. It also enables us to improve the amenity and safety of our neighbourhoods and enhance mobility.

What has prompted the plan and is it the first the City has introduced?
The City is very keen to provide facilities which encourage greater uptake of alternative transport such as walking and cycling.  The current bicycle plan (adopted by Council in 2005) has largely been implemented; however, there are a number of areas where the plan is deficient.  One of those areas is provision of a direct bicycle link between Canning Bridge interchange and Curtin University.  Accordingly the City sought to develop a new plan to ensure that all of the existing routes are “fit for purpose” for bicycle use, and where necessary, implement new routes to service the growing bicycle demand.

I understand the plan has been approved by council to go out for public comment. Is that the case? And how long is the public comment period?
Council has endorsed the draft Bike Plan 2011-2016 for community consultation. The plan is to be advertised for a period of six weeks from mid January 2012 to 29 February 2012.

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