Salter Point Underground Power Project

Media Release 2 December 2011
Underground Power
The City along with Western Power and the Office of Energy today signed an agreement for the commencement of the State Underground Power Project for Round 5 in Salter Point.

City of South Perth Mayor, Sue Doherty, with the State Minister for Energy, Honourable Peter Collier, and the Chief Executive Officer of Western Power, Doug Aberle, visited the site in Salter Point for the project start up.

The project area covers the suburb of Salter Point from Hope Avenue southwards plus the area within Manning bounded by Challenger Avenue, Manning Road and Elderfield Road.

The Underground Power Program in Salter Point is a partnership between the Government of Western Australia (through the Office of Energy), Western Power and the City of South Perth to improve residential amenity and security of power supply.

City of South Perth, Mayor Sue Doherty acknowledged the benefit the project will have to the amenity and streetscape of Salter Point.

“The City welcomes the commencement of round 5 of the State Underground Power Project at Salter Point and looks forward to working closely with the Office of Energy and Western Power to complete this stage of works.

“The extent of public support from the community of South Perth was a significant factor in finalising the selection of the project area.

“Once complete, the underground power will enhance the City’s streets making them more attractive, as well as providing more reliable power supplies.

“The removal of overhead power reduces the need for pruning of street trees, improving the overall appearance of the streetscapes.”

The total cost of the Salter Point Project is projected to be $9.4 million, with the City contributing $4.7 million

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