Waterford Triangle

Media Response 12 November 2010
Waterford Triangle
Background: The City of South Perth has concluded a comprehensive community consultation period process to examine possible future land developments in an area bounded by Manning Road, Conlon Street and MacKay Street - commonly referred to as the Waterford triangle. The City has engaged GHD consultants for the study in its bid to rejuvenate the area to explore future development options for the area. The City held a briefing session Council Members were provided with a progress briefing by the consultant on Wednesday 10 November.

Please attribute the following comments to City of South Perth Mayor James Best:

1) Has development zoning been changed? Is the main reason of the study to create higher density living?
The zoning of the area known as the "Waterford Triangle" has not changed.  When the consultant's final plan, guidelines and recommendations have been presented to the City, these will be considered by the Council. When the Council has endorsed these non-statutory concept proposals, a Town Planning Scheme Amendment will need to be prepared to incorporate the concept proposals into statutory provisions. The Amendment provisions could involve some rezoning and increased residential density coding, among other provisions. The Scheme Amendment process will also include further community consultation.

2) What are some of the key features of the plan? Is an aspect to create green connecting routes? And is there a proposal for a laneway between houses to Manning Road for security purposes? 
The Waterford Triangle urban design plan and guidelines are not yet complete. The community expressed a strong desire to retain and enhance public open space, which will be a feature of the plan. Another issue raised during community engagement was the safety of vehicles entering sites from Manning Road and this will also be resolved in the final design. A comprehensive set of proposals will be recommended by the consultants.

3) Is the area under serious housing pressures?
The area is not under serious pressure, but would benefit from a gradual change to a more appropriate form of development in the future. Its proximity to Curtin University, Bentley Technology Precinct, the Manning Road transit corridor and the Canning River foreshore reserve are among many factors that have been taken into account when examining the redevelopment options for the area.

4) Could potential zoning changes create uncertainty for long-term residents?
On the contrary, there has been little new development in recent years because there is a general acknowledgement that some form of redevelopment needs to occur. This precinct review will help to reduce uncertainty as it will put in place development opportunities.

All of the residents and landowners within the Waterford Triangle have been involved in the process from its inception.

A variety of useful comments and suggestions were made by members of the local community. These are being examined for possible incorporation into the final proposals. 

6) What will be the funding arrangements for the proposal? Will a significant contribution be made by property owners?
The Council will consider possible funding arrangements for the project as part of its consideration of the consultant's final recommendations.

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