Canning Bridge Precinct Vision

Media Response 12 November 2010
Canning Bridge

Please attribute the following comments to City of South Perth Mayor James Best:

1. Those in the community who are opposed to the draft are disappointed the council elected to pass the vision pending further study. Any comment?

2.  Given the majority (55 per cent) of public submissions regarding the draft were opposed to it, should the plan go back to the drawing board altogether?

The Canning Bridge vision is for the next 40–50 years and it is not surprising that there are some members of the community who may not be entirely comfortable with the visionary aspects of this concept. There is a significant amount of work to be done over the next five years or so before any plan at Canning Bridge can even commence implementation. Another four studies need to be conducted in the short term and these involve:

The community has been involved in the development of this concept over many years. A brief history of how and when the community has participated in the development of the concept follows:

(i)      Detailed built form and streetscape guidelines

(ii)     Detailed traffic planning study

(iii)    Parking and access strategy

(iv)    Landscaping design guidelines.

The Vision is in fact designed to address precisely these concerns about traffic, parking, noise, pollution and community values as expressed by the resident and many others in the numerous workshops and public meetings held over the past three years.

Stage 1 of the study commenced in 2006 with a detailed community engagement program by Estill and Associates in which the community’s aspirations for the area were canvassed through a brochure distributes widely throughout the area, media statements, community forums, a Community Focus Group, and a community survey (2000 mailed, 1000 within precinct area).

Since the current (Stage 2) study commenced in 2008, the following public consultation events have taken place:

21 July 2008: Community open day (approx 300 attendees)

11 August: City of South Perth community workshops No.1 – for residents within 800m – 1300 invitations mailed – 111 attendees.

18 August: City of South Perth community workshop No.2 – for residents within 400m – 48 attendees.

1 September: City of South Perth community workshop No.3 – for residents within 800m – 64 attendees.

8 September: City of South Perth community workshop No.2 – for residents within 400m – 44 attendees.

11, 14, 18 February 2009: City of Melville community workshops.

2 February to 1 April 2010: Draft precinct vision formal public comment period – 1300 letters mailed to landowners – 410 submissions, 164 from CoSP owners.

13 February: Public Forum for residents of both Councils (over 400 attendees)

25 August: Briefing of “Cassey Street bridge” objectors at City of South Perth.

In addition to these formal meetings arranged by the City for affected or interested residents, members of the public could have attended related monthly Council briefings and meetings.

Council reports, briefings, meetings and Minutes have also been available to members of the public at various stages, in:

2008:  May, August, September, October;
2009:  April, December;
2010:  June, July, September.

Informal gatherings were also hosted by CoSP Council Members on: 
14 September 2008, at Olives reserve
28 March 2010, at McDougal Park
12 August 2010, at Kishorn Road
19 September 2010, at McDougal Park
A local ward Council Member has also set up a blog and Facebook site for this project.

Numerous media releases have been available on the City’s web site, in the West Australian and Southern Gazette newspapers and on a dedicated CoSP webpage.

3. Any other comment you would like to make?
The City has been working with the City of Melville, the WAPC and the Department of Planning together with our communities over the past five years to maximise the value of the infrastructure at Canning Bridge. This location is serviced with a train station, bus transfer station, has easy access to the Kwinana freeway and is located on Canning Highway. It is conveniently located to major employment destination centres like Curtin University, Bentley Technology Park, Cannington and the soon to be completed Fiona Stanley hospital at Bull Creek.

The Concept is consistent with the City's own community vision which was developed over a period of 18 months of community involvement with 1400 people involved. The Canning Bridge concept is also consistent with the State Governments "Directions 2031"

Those individuals who lodged public submissions opposing the draft vision are being listened to by the Council and are encouraged to continue working with the project team on the various studies over the coming years.
The context is that thousands of residents in the area have been engaged and the Council understands and appreciates the concerns of several hundred who lodged opposing submissions and we will work to address their concerns to ensure the precinct is an attractive and vibrant place to live."

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