Consultation a Key Focus for Train Station Development

Media Release 14 May 2006
Canning Bridge South Perth Station Precinct

The City is seeking input from the local community, as the Canning Bridge Train Station is set to offer commuter services by July 2007 (when the State Government’s New Metro Rail Perth Mandurah Rail Link becomes operational), and works are expected to be finalised on the South Perth Train Station by 2010.

The City’s Mayor John Collins said both Stations presented significant opportunities and the City wanted the community to play an integral role in the process.

Wide ranging consultation will soon be carried out on behalf of the City and the State
Government Western Australian Planning Commission, in relation to the Canning Bridge and South Perth precincts.

Residents living near the Stations have been selected to participate in focus groups and community workshops in early June 2006, while community groups, business operators, government agencies and schools will be interviewed.

“Planning for the areas should reflect the values and aspirations of residents, business operators and community groups in the City, and we see this as an excellent opportunity to develop a community vision for the Station precincts,” said Mayor Collins.

The City is keen to ensure that any future planning around the stations delivers sustainable pedestrian friendly environments.

“We need to make it practical for our residents to travel by means other than the car, thereby reducing household transport expenses and enhancing quality of life in the City of South Perth,” said Mayor Collins.

The project is partly funded by the Western Australian Planning Commission’s Network City: Communities Program. Network City is an initiative that looks to manage growth in the Perth/Peel region to 2030. A central theme of the initiative is to increase employment and other activities at centres located around key public transport routes such as Canning Bridge.

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