Caretaker Policy


Policy P702 Council Caretaker Policy will come into effect from 4pm, Thursday 7 September 2023 to 6pm, Saturday 21 October 2023.  

The objective of the policy is to protect Council from having to make significant decisions in the lead up to the election and establishes protocols for the purpose of avoiding actual and perceived advantage or disadvantage to a candidate in a Local Government Election.

The policy covers the following:

(a) Decisions made by the Council;

(b) Decisions made under delegated authority;

(c) Decisions made administratively;

(d) Promotional materials published by the City of South Perth;

(e) Discretionary community consultation;

(f)  Events and functions, held by the City of South Perth or other organisations;

(g) Use of the City of South Perth’s resources;

(h) Access to information held by the City of South Perth.