Request for a Deputation to Address Council

Community members may present a deputation on an item in a Council Agenda in which they have an interest.

Should you wish to make a deputation please complete the form below, acknowledge the conditions of making a deputation and submit the form 24 hours prior to the agenda briefing.

On receipt of the form the Governance Team will be in contact with you.
Title *
I am speaking *

NOTE: You are not permitted to speak on any matters outside those identified above.

Conditions for Making a Deputation

  • Requests for a Deputation shall be received no later than 24 hours prior to a meeting
  • Deputations shall only relate to reports on the Agenda
  • One (1) Agenda Item per application form
  • Supporting documentation for circulation to Members (if any) shall be submitted at the same time as this form
  • Electronic presentations in support of the Deputation shall be received via email no later than 24 hours prior to the Council Agenda Briefing
  • Group Deputations are encouraged (no more than five (5) persons) where points to be raised are similar
  • Deputations shall not exceed ten (10) minutes – where individual Deputations cover similar points the Presiding Member reserves the right to reduce the time on each Deputation
  • Debate is not permitted
  • Respect to the Council is to be shown at all times.
Terms and Conditions *