A verge is the area between the road and the boundary of a property. It provides a safe pedestrian space and vehicular access to properties. It also accommodates public service utilities such as street lighting, power, street trees as well as underground utilities like water, sewerage and phone cables.

Verge maintenance

The maintenance of lawns and gardens on verges is the responsibility of the household of the property adjacent to the verge. Residents are encouraged to look after their verges however the City is responsible for all street trees on verges. The City strongly encourages waterwise verge gardens.

Verge policy and guidelines

Under the City’s Policy P210 Street Verges, you do not need permission for:

  • A natural lawn
  • Reticulation
  • Verges mulched with organic mulch
  • Low growing water-wise verge gardens.

You do need permission to install these treatments:

  • Paving or other hardstand (eg brick and concrete paving)
  • Synthetic or artificial turf.

You must complete a written Application for Verge Treatment Approval and receive approval from the City prior to installation. A fee is payable at the time of application as detailed on the form.

Non-permitted verge treatments

The following verge treatments are not permitted:

  • Inorganic mulches such as gravel, stone or crushed brick or rock
  • Particular items that protrude above the natural level of the verge.

Verge landscape guidelines

Please refer to the City's Street Verge Landscape Guidelines for more detail on verge improvements including permitted and non-permitted landscaping, design guidelines and maintenance.

Verge parking

To park on a verge, you will need the permission of the owner/occupier of the premises adjacent to the verge. Where verge parking signs are present, the restrictions apply to all vehicles including owners and occupiers. There are no exemptions.

During special events, parking on some verges is restricted. See the parking page for more information on special event parking restrictions.

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