Cat Boarding

Housed within the City’s Animal Care Facility, the cat boarding service features six (6) spacious, light and airy cat condominiums. 

Cats are fully catered for in a climate controlled room, with large play gym, good quality meals at breakfast and dinner, and fresh bedding, linens and kitty litter trays daily.

Carers will monitor the cats’ food intake and toilet habits daily to make sure they are adapting to their new surroundings.

Single condominiums can be hired, or for cat families or those wanting extra play space, they can be converted into doubles depending on availability. The design of the condominiums ensures that the cats can not see or be seen by the cats either side of them, but the open plan layout of the room allows your pet to have full view of the room and their carer’s friendly face.

Age: All cats must be at least 4 months of age to board at the facility.

Health status: Cats must be up to date with a minimum F3 vaccination. Upon arrival, our staff will require your pets’ vaccination certificate for sighting. Without this certificate, we are unable to accept your cat into the facility. If you are having difficulties locating your certificate, please phone your veterinarian clinic and ask for a copy. If boosters are required they should be done two weeks prior to boarding.

Parasite control: Cats must be up to date with worming and flea control upon admission. Cat’s showing signs of flea infestation, ear mites or skin allergies may not be accepted to stay.

Medications: If your cat requires medication, unfortunately they cannot be accepted at our facility.
Regulations: All cats must be microchipped, registered and desexed. If your cat has not been registered, the staff at the facility can do this upon arrival, fees apply. 

When: All year round.

Residents are asked to enquire with City staff about the suitability of the service for their cats prior to booking.

Related fees

Description Applicable to Condition GST Cost
Cat Boarding at Animal Care Facility All Applicants Per Cat - Per Day Inc $30.00

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