Protecting your property from bushfires 

As we approach the upcoming bushfire season (1 December 2022 – 30 April 2023), there are several ways you can prepare your property from the threat of bushfires. Starting suddenly and without warning, bushfires are a risk to all. If you see a bushfire, call 000 for all emergencies. 

For more information on preparing your property this bushfire season visit the Department of Fire and Emergency Services website or see the below information from DFES: 

Firebreak Notice

Firebreaks are a simple way to help protect your property from fire and involve the removal of inflammable matter by land owned or occupied by residents. Firebreaks are a legal requirement and must be completed on or before 1 December each year, and up until 30 April the following year. 

For more information on Firebreak Notices and how to clear your property from inflammable matter, visit the City’s  website

Bushfire Risk Management Plan 

The City of South Perth Bushfire Risk Management Plan (BRM Plan) is a strategic document that identifies assets at risk from bushfire and the priorities for treatment. It also determines ‘bushfire risk managers’ and their responsibilities and sets out a broad treatment schedule to mitigate risks identified in the Plan. 

The City’s BRM Plan aims to effectively manage bushfire risk in partnership with other bushfire risk managers (private and state) to protect people, assets, and other items of local value. These bushfire risk areas include sections within Como, Karawara, Kensington, Manning, Salter Point, and Waterford.

Assets at risk of bushfire  

Download the Assets at Risk of Bushfire map for a detailed overview of the areas within the City of South Perth at risk of bushfire. 

      The aim of the BRM Plan is to document a coordinated and efficient approach towards the identification, assessment and treatment of assets exposed to bushfire risk within the City of South Perth.

      The overall objective of the BRM Plan is to effectively manage bushfire risk within the City in order to protect people, assets and other things of local value. Specifically, the objectives of this BRM Plan are to:
      • Guide and coordinate a tenure-blind, multi-agency bushfire risk management program over a five-year period
      • Document the process used to identify, analyse and evaluate risk, determine priorities and develop a plan to systematically treat risk
      • Facilitate the effective use of the financial and physical resources available for bushfire risk management activities
      • Integrate bushfire risk management into the business processes of local government, land owners and other agencies
      • Ensure there is integration between landowners and bushfire risk management programs and activities
      • Monitor and review the implementation of treatments to ensure treatment plans are adaptable and risk is managed at an acceptable level.

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