Clontarf Foreshore Asbestos Removal and Restoration

The Clontarf foreshore restoration project included weed control, asbestos removal and site restoration.

Over past two years the City successfully completed weed control, asbestos remediation and validation and restoration works at the Clontarf foreshore. This involved chemical and manual weed control, removal of exposed black plastic that was previously installed to cover asbestos, and importing sand to create a natural bank profile in eroded areas. A brushwall and jute matting have been installed and suitable native plants were planted on site to stabilise erosion. The restoration program also included strict dieback management.

The City is aiming to achieve:

  • 70% or greater survival rate of plant stock
  • Total vegetation cover of the foreshore area dominated by juncus krausii increased by more than 50% after two years
  • Less than 5% weed cover at the overall site.

From July 2017 until June 2019, the City will carry out a maintenance program which will include erosion and weed control, monitoring, rubbish removal, planting and summer watering. In winter 2018, the City will undertake supplementary revegetation based on the survival rate of plants that will include approximately 800 shrubs, sedges and rushes.