Adult Sport Competitions Code of Conduct

1. Interpretation

1.1 Day to day interpretation of this Code of Conduct shall be at the responsibility of the most senior official present at the time (for example Recreation Programs Officer, Competitions Officer or Umpire).
1.2 Players participate in sports competitions at their own risk.
1.3 Appeals against interpretation must be lodged in writing to the relevant Officer.
1.4 The Management of George Burnett Leisure Centre reserves the right to change or amend the Code of Conduct at any time without prior notice. George Burnett Leisure Centre will inform teams of significant changes and it is the teams’ responsibility to remain up-to-date with the rules of participation.
1.5 Please refer to the sport specific rules relating to each particular sport.
1.6 Local Laws shall apply unless otherwise provided for in this Code of Conduct.

2. Nomination

2.1 The nomination form is to be completed and emailed to or printed and handed in at the George Burnett Leisure Centre reception by a team member.
2.2 This is an application to join one of the competitions at George Burnett Leisure Centre and no guarantee is given that this application will be successful. Where teams cannot be included they will be notified.
2.3 Nomination forms must be fully completed. This includes the inclusion of a nominated credit card and full names, email addresses and contact numbers of all players.
2.4 Withdrawal from a competition will incur a withdrawal fee of $150.00. 
2.5 Withdrawal from a competition must be done so in writing or via email to the relevant Officer. Four weeks’ notice must be given and any games not played in that four week period will be charged as per normal forfeit fees.
2.6 A team will not be considered to have withdrawn and will continue to acquire additional playing fees until all outstanding fees have been paid.

3. Participation

3.1 Players are welcome to feature in multiple sides during a regular season (including within the same division of the same sport). If a player qualifies for finals for two sides in the same division, he or she may only represent one team during the entire finals series (semi-finals and grand finals). In the interest of the fairness, management reserves the right to prevent a player playing across multiple teams on the same night if it is deemed outside the spirit of the game.
3.2 Players from any team (regardless of division) during a regular season are encouraged to fill in for another side to help a game go ahead. This is only permissible when a team is short of regular players, and Sports Staff reserve the right to deny a player from filling in for a side if it is deemed outside the spirit of the game.

4. To Play

4.1 Prior to the game commencing, all teams are required to have filled out their team sheet, paid their game fee in advance, either in the form of their deposit (weekly payments), regular deductions (fortnightly) or as part of an upfront (sixteen week) payment.
4.2 Participants must accept the umpire/referee’s decision with sportsmanlike conduct. Players who dispute calls during match play may have infringements issued against them or score penalties applied to their team’s tally. Umpire/referee’s may send players off the court for intimidating or antisocial behaviour.
4.3 In case of doubt, clarification may be requested only through the Team Captain at half time or immediately after the match.
4.4 Participants and spectators must follow all reasonable direction from umpires and staff members. Failure to do so may result in a suspension or ban from the facility.

5. Team Responsibilities 

5.1 All teams must provide their own scorer/timekeeper for the duration of the match. Teams are therefore responsible for keeping a “check” on the scores during the game. Failure to provide a scorer will leave the team no recourse to challenge the score unless a Competitions Officer deems it necessary to alter the score at a future date.
5.2 The team will be held responsible for the conduct of its members and spectators. Furthermore, teams are expected to conduct themselves in keeping with the ethos of participation, enjoyment and healthy competition.
5.3 No participants can wear jewellery, watches, pins, or other dangerous items. Fingernails may be taped, cut or gloved at the discretion of the umpires/referees. In some cases, t-shirts and shorts with pockets may not be worn. See the sports specific rules for further information.
5.4 Any player suspected to be under the influence of drugs/alcohol will be denied entry to the facility or asked to leave immediately. If this request is disregarded the matter will be reported to the Competitions Officer, Security and Police in accordance with the George Burnett Leisure Centres operating standards.
5.5 Any disputes to decisions made on-court can be made to the umpire/referee Competitions Officer at half time, or upon conclusion of the match. Any appeals can be made by the Team Captain in writing to the Competitions Officer.

6. Umpires

6.1 The Centre will endeavour to provide experienced or qualified umpires/referees and ensure the delivery of quality umpiring at each match played. Nevertheless, teams are expected to show patience and understanding for referees that are still developing their experience. The City of South Perth is committed to providing a safe working environment for all of its employees, and will take a zero tolerance stance on abusive or intimating behaviour towards umpires or referees.
6.2 Responsibilities of the Referee/Umpire
6.2.1 Prior to the match:
To inspect the condition of playing area, ball and equipment
To ensure all players are wearing the correct uniform, and
To check all players’ nails and jewellery.
6.2.2 At all times:
To apply the Centre’s Code of Conduct and sport-specific rules to all matches, and
To provide the highest customer service to all players and patrons.
6.3 During play, the referee/umpires’ decision is final. He/she shall not permit any discussion about the referee/umpires decision. However, at the request of the Team Captain, referee/umpires will give an explanation on the interpretation of the rules. This explanation shall be given at half or full time. Refer to section 18 should the matter not be resolved.

7. Team Captain

7.1  Responsibilities of the Team Captain/Primary Contact are: 
7.1.1 Prior to the match:
Organise their team (and inform a Competitions Officer if they need assistance with ensuring that they have sufficient player numbers).
Ensure that their fixture has been paid for in advance (either through the upfront or weekly payment systems - see section 21 for more details).
Register their entire team for that night.
7.1.2 During the match:
To ensure all team members and supporters behave in a sportsmanlike way 

8. Team Uniforms

8.1 All players in each team are required to present themselves in conforming uniforms for each match. Uniforms are to have the same colour and shade. 
8.2 Strip clashes will result in the referee deciding who must wear bibs.
8.3 Three weeks grace will be allowed from the commencement of the season for teams to be in conforming uniforms.
8.4 Failure to comply may result in scores awarded to the opposing team. The umpires/referees will use their own discretion with regards to suitability.
8.5 New teams or individuals joining a team during the course of a season may be given some leeway in regard to correct uniform at the discretion of the umpire/referee or Competitions Officer.

9. Illegal Players

9.1 The penalty for playing illegal players is automatic forfeiture of the match in which the offence occurred.
9.2 Illegal players will be defined as follows:
Players under suspension
Players participating under an assumed name and
Non observance of qualification criteria for finals matches.
9.3 A player knowingly playing under an assumed name or a Team Captain playing a player under an assumed name may be reported for misconduct to Management.

10. Timing

10.1 Game times - please refer sports specific times.
10.2 Times for all games will commence on the stated time according to the Centre’s clock.
10.3 The clock will not be paused during matches.

11. Premiership Points

11.1 Please refer to sport specific rules for premiership point allocations. Teams with a forfeit against them will receive a win and may receive goals according to the sports specific rules. All forfeited matches will be counted as a game played (only players physically in attendance and entered on the Score Sheet will qualify).

12. Abandoned Games

12.1 A game may be abandoned in the following situations; major injury causing immobilisation, inappropriate behaviour or conduct, when George Burnett Leisure Centres operating standards are compromised (for example, power failure or storm damage).
12.2 The final outcome of abandoned games will be determined by George Burnett Leisure Centre Management. 

13. Finals

13.1 Please refer to sport specific rules for finals rules and formats.

14. Forfeits

14.1 Teams forfeiting a regular game are required to pay the following fees. 
14.2 Forfeit Fee (more than 24 hours notice): $55
Forfeit Fee (notice given on game day): $85
Forfeit Fee (no show): $110
*Fees may be subject to change from 1 July 2020. 
14.3 Competitions Officer reserve the right to suspend a team from competition when multiple forfeits occur within the same season. Suspensions may remain until all monies are paid in full.
14.4 In the event of a forfeit the non-offending team shall receive a credit unless they take part in a scratch match or practice session.

15. Protests

15.1 All protests are to be lodged in writing to George Burnett Leisure Centre Management within seven days of an incident.

16. Player Reports

16.1 Players and spectators shall be subject to report by the umpires/referees or Management for any form of misconduct
16.2 Misconduct shall include, but is not limited to, abusive language, unsporting conduct, undue rough play, resisting, striking and attempted striking.
16.3 Player or spectator reports in clear breach of section 19.2 (misconduct) will be reviewed by management who reserves the right to place immediate suspension or exclusion of a player, team or spectator.
16.4 Reported players or spectators who are suspended will be advised by George Burnett Leisure Centre Management (where possible) or by the Team Captain on Centre Management’s behalf. 
16.5 Any suspension or penalty may be appealed by the Team Captain in writing to the Competitions Officer within seven days of being notified of the suspension. 
16.6 Should a player be requested to go through the tribunal process, non-attendance to the tribunal shall be interpreted as an admission of guilt.
16.7 Management reserves the right to suspend or expel players or teams from the competition. Any monies held in credit by an expelled team will not be refunded.

17. Insurance

17.1 All players are responsible for their own insurance.
17.2 All players play at their own risk.
17.3 All participants authorise George Burnett Leisure Centre to obtain medical/ambulance assistance for them in the case of an accident or emergency involving them, and agree to reimburse George Burnett Leisure Centre on demand for all costs we incur in obtaining such assistance.

18. Medical Conditions 

18.1 George Burnett Leisure Centre recommends that all participants check with their doctor before playing or partaking in any physical activity.

19. Outstanding Debts

19.1 Forfeiting teams must pay any due fines within 14 days of the forfeit date.
19.2 Any teams with outstanding debt will be contacted directly by a Competitions Officer. If a payment dispute cannot be resolved by the next payment cycle, a team’s participation in a competition may be suspended until the account can be settled.
19.3 City of South Perth reserves the right to engage with a debt collection agency should an outstanding amount not be cleared by a team within a fortnight of the first failed transaction.

20. Commencement of Matches

20.1 If a team has less than the minimum required players to start the match, for every one minute that play is late commencing, the opposing team may be awarded points/goals according to the each sport’s specific rules. 

21. Payments

21.1 Adult social sport team fees are $55.00 per game. Teams may elect to pay using any of the below options:
Upfront: Pay for an entire season upfront. 
Weekly (at counter): Pay weekly at the counter with an initial payment of $145, which includes your last match fee plus a $90 team nomination fee. Recommended for teams that rely on different people paying for their games each week.
21.2 All payments received (including the initial upfront payment) are non-refundable. Deposit payments may be used as credit for games once a team has informed George Burnett Leisure Centre of its intention to withdraw from competitions.
21.3 It is the Team Captain’s responsibility to ensure that game fees are paid on the due date. 
21.4 George Burnett Leisure Centre reserves the right to schedule a team out of fixtures should they not respond to requests regarding outstanding debt or if they are more than a fortnight behind on payment. 
21.5 George Burnett Leisure reserves the right to cancel a team’s participation where there are ongoing failed payments.
21.6 Participants will receive at least 10 days notice from George Burnett Leisure Centre should there be an adjustment in match fees, change in payment terms and conditions.