The City's Libraries encourage smart, safe, and responsible use of online services and digital technologies in the community. The following eSafety behaviours promote positive use and experiences online.

eSafety Tips and Hints

  • Keep log in details and passwords secure and private
  • Create strong passwords and update regularly
  • Do not give out personal or financial details
  • Report any bullying, harassment or unlawful behaviour to the relevant authorities/mediators
  • Think carefully before posting content online - this includes sharing photographs and videos
  • Avoid opening emails or downloading attachments from unknown senders
  • Ensure children under 12 years of age are supervised when using online services and digital technologies.

Useful Websites and Legislation

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The City's libraries are proud to have achieved eSmart accreditation. Our team have knowledge and skills in the safe use of online services and digital technologies. Contact our libraries for more information about responsible eSafety behaviour.