Renewing items

Unreturned library items will automatically renew on their due date if no other customers or libraries have reserved those items.

Libraries will offer a grace period of 14 days before a late fee of $1.50 is applied for items that do have reservations or have exhausted five automatic renewals.

The easiest way to keep track of your items and their due dates is to log in to your library membership

If the library has your email address, you’ll receive a courtesy email reminder that your due date is approaching, and another email when your 14 day grace period begins for items that must be returned.

If the library does not have your email address, you can update it next time you visit, or log in to your membership and select ‘Member Details’ and submit. You can then set ‘reservation available notices’, ‘courtesy reminders’, ‘overdue notice’ and ‘re-registration reminder’ to all come through via email.

Renew items

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