Proposal for synthetic hockey turf at Collier Reserve not supported

News Update 28 June 2023
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At the Ordinary Council Meeting on Tuesday 27 June 2023, Council voted not to progress with a proposal to establish a synthetic hockey turf at Collier Reserve in Como.

The decision made by Council followed the submission of a Collier Reserve Hockey Facilities Feasibility Study, which was prepared by an independent consultant and jointly funded by Council and the Wesley South Perth (WASP) Hockey Club.

In reviewing the Study, the City raised concerns around the proposed project scope, financial viability, funding allocated to parking upgrades, sports lighting for synthetic turf and grass pitches, and underground power connection. 

In addition, the City highlighted the impact to reserve users and the recently approved $135 million High Performance Hockey Centre at Curtin University.

During the meeting, Cr Glen Cridland put forward an alternative motion calling on the City to work with WASPs to prepare a report by November 2023 to address construction costs and other issues, with a view to progressing the facility.

That motion was unsuccessful and Council voted in favour of the substantive motion not to progress the proposal at Collier Reserve.


Since 2012, the City has been in discussions with the WASPs for the provision of new hockey facilities at Collier Reserve, including a synthetic turf.

At the time, the WASPs were requested to consider alternative sites to its current location at Richardson Park in South Perth due to site constraints and uncertainty regarding a proposed South Perth train station.

Three other potential sites at Bill Grayden Reserve, Collins Oval and Collier Reserve were identified.

In 2019, the City agreed to investigate the feasibility of relocating the WASPs to Collier Reserve, and later gave in principle support and funding towards half the cost of a feasibility study.

During the study, a variety of community and stakeholder engagement was conducted, including consultation with residents surrounding Collier Reserve and a public meeting. The City is not aware of any consultation that was carried out on the Collier Reserve Hockey Facilities Feasibility Study.

Next steps

The City will continue to engage with the Wesley and South Perth Hockey Club to investigate other potential assistance to support hockey into the future, as well as reviewing sporting and community facilities infrastructure more broadly.

To find out more or read the Council Report, please see our Council Meetings page.

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