Get ready for the first Manning Laneway Festival

News Update 3 February 2023

We are looking forward to the the first-ever Manning Laneway Festival on Saturday 18 February.

This community-led event by Manning Knight Riders will take place in the laneway between Welwyn Avenue shops and Manning Hub, with stalls, live music, kids games, activities and even a licensed area by Henry M's. 

Last year, the City put a call out to bring new activities to the heart of Manning and we were proud to support the Manning Knight Riders with a Community Development Grant with their idea to hold this inaugural event.

The Manning Laneway Festival is also supported by O'Brien's Clothing Co., Henry M's and Town Team Movement.

Manning Library will be open late with free activities including children's craft where kids can get creative with ribbons, textas, glitter, paint and collage to make their own bookmark.

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