Is your wood heater winter ready?

News Update 20 May 2022

With winter just around the corner, the City has some useful information on how to ensure your wood heater is serviced and working properly this winter.

Below are some tips on how to prepare and maintain your wood heater:

  • When operated efficiently, a wood heater should only produce heat haze without smoke
  • Clean inside your chimney or flue to maintain performance and reduce heating costs
  • Use dry seasoned firewood and store in a well ventilated, undercover area
  • Get a hot fire going quickly by using kindling and ensuring the air intake is fully open
  • Avoid overloading and allow plenty of space for air to circulate
  • Keep your fire burning brightly and do not close the air intake even at night
  • Check your chimney or flue for smoke - it should emit minimal smoke except for a short period after lighting or stoking.

Please keep in mind that smoke from fireplaces and wood heaters can cause nuisance and discomfort to neighbours, especially for those with respiratory problems.

For more information on smoke pollution, please see the My Property page. 

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