New short course at Collier Park Golf

News Update 18 January 2022

Golfers can now enjoy a shorter version of the game they love at Collier Park Golf from 4pm every Monday to Thursday. The new Twilight Short Course has been introduced as an option for those just starting out, getting back into golf, or looking to practice their skills in an environment with less time pressure.

The course makes it easier to reach the green while focusing on technique and distance control. As always, the friendly Golf Shop team are on hand to provide advice on equipment and everything you need to get started.    

Mini Golf is another fun way to enjoy a day on the green without committing to a full game. The 18-hole nature based course at Collier Park is ideal for people of all ages and skill levels to play together, with three different flag options to aim for at each hole. 

If you are new to golf, Collier Park Golf also offer beginners courses. Learn more about what's on offer.