Burch Street Carpark

Media Response 27 July 2021

Response to media enquiry regarding the zoning of Burch Street Carpark under the City's proposed Local Planning Scheme 7. 

Why has the car park been proposed as R50 in the LPS? What sort of development could occur on the site under this zoning (ie what types of business/residential properties and at what max height)?

The carpark on Burch Street is public parking used by visitors to the reserve and surrounding businesses.

Under the proposed Local Planning Scheme 7 presently before Council to be endorsed for the purpose of undertaking public consultation, the carpark would be coded R50, expanding future uses to include continued use as a carpark, or for residential and some non-residential uses up to three storeys. There is no proposal to sell the carpark or to restrict access to the carpark. Any future proposal to develop the site would need to meet a range of requirements, including retaining adequate public parking. This would require a Local Development Plan to be submitted and approved by Council.

Did the City consult with the South Perth Hospital over the proposed change? 

The agenda item presently before Council is an endorsement of the draft Local Planning
Scheme for the express purpose of undertaking community consultation. The City will
then invite community feedback on the draft Local Planning Scheme.

Approval from Council to advertise the draft Local Planning Scheme is a requirement so
that community consultation can take place. This is the decision currently before

What arrangement does the City have in place with the hospital over the use of the car park? From listening to last night’s council meeting it appears informal over past 60 years and that the hospital has absorbed all costs for maintaining and repairing the car park which is also used extensively by non-hospital patrons.

There is no agreement in place between the City and South Perth Hospital over the use
of the car park. The location of the car park means it is used by community members
including the hospital. South Perth Hospital was required to make a cash-in-lieu
contribution as part of a previous hospital development approval. This was used to fund
additional car bays. Other than that, the City has borne the cost of maintaining the car
What options does the City propose for the hospital in terms of car parking should Burch St be sold for redevelopment? Does City accept underground parking may not be possible and cost prohibitive?

The City intends that public parking will remain available as part of the Burch Street site. This cannot change without a resolution of Council.

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