Request to amend the Metropolitan Scheme - Former Manning Library Site

News Update 21 May 2021

Following community feedback and questions raised by Councillors at the Agenda Briefing on Tuesday 18 May, Item 10.5.4 Request to amend the Metropolitan Region Scheme – Former Manning Library Site, Manning Road has been withdrawn from the May Council Meeting agenda.

The withdrawal of the item will allow City Officers time to provide more information to Council to enable them to make an informed decision on the matter.

The site of the former Manning Library is currently reserved ‘Parks and Recreation’ under the Metropolitan Region Scheme (MRS). The Officer’s report recommends that Council request an amendment to the MRS to zone the site ‘Urban’ to enable the City to apply a zoning under Town Planning Scheme 6 (TPS6) or a future town planning scheme. 

In considering the best use for the site, the first step is to request the MRS rezoning to provide greater flexibility for future use.

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