The future of waste in your City

News Update 28 April 2021
Did you know the average green lid bin placed on a verge for collection contains enough waste to produce up to 14% of a household’s weekly power needs? With this in mind, the City, along with the Rivers Regional Council (RRC) and other local governments, is committed to diverting waste from landfill, converting it to energy instead. 

Australia’s first waste to energy plant is under construction in Kwinana and planned to be in operation next year. The facility will have the capacity to process an impressive 400,000 tonnes of general waste each year, resulting in a significant reduction in CO2 emissions and delivering 36MW of baseload electricity to the grid.

Once up and running, the contents of your green lid bin will be sent to the waste to energy plant instead of landfill. The contents of your yellow lid recycling bin will continue to be recycled.

Waste to energy is a sustainable and cost effective waste management solution that will set the City on its way to achieve its zero waste objective.   

View the Waste and Resource Management Plan to find out more.

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