Bat boxes installed to improve habitat

News Update 17 February 2021

The City has installed 12 bat boxes to provide habitat for bats in Salter Point.

Located in Redmond Reserve, along the Canning River Foreshore and at Sandon Park, it is anticipated that the Gould’s Wattled bat and the White Striped Freetail bat will be the main inhabitants of the boxes.

Bats play an important role in the local ecosystem ensuring it functions properly. They can consume approximately 1,000 mosquitos each night, helping to control the mosquito population. Bats are also a food source for larger birds of prey such as eagles.

A grant to purchase the boxes was secured by the Salter Point Community Group (SPCG) Inc with support from the City of South Perth.

This project is funded by the Swan Canning River Recovery Stage 3, supported by Perth NRM through funding from the Australian Government.

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