Restoration of Elderfield Wetlands set to commence

Media Release 28 January 2021
CWSP Elderfield Wetlands Parks and Reserve works

The City of South Perth has secured $120,000 in grant funding to enhance 4ha of habitat of the Middle Canning foreshore and the adjacent Elderfield Wetlands and drainage infrastructure at Sandon Park in Salter Point. 

This project is funded by the Swan Canning River Recovery Project, supported by Perth NRM through funding from the Australian Government.

The majority of the funding will be used to grow plants at the City’s nursery in Como in preparation for planting by local volunteers and community groups.

Works will include linking three areas of wetland with vegetation; removal of existing grass; the creation of a nature play and interpretation node; improvement of the area surrounding Elderfield open storm water drain; upgrade of the path network and installation of a 12 habitat structures include bird boxes, bat boxes and a bird hide - a shelter, often camouflaged, that is used to observe wildlife, especially birds, at close quarters.

Works will start soon with the removal of grass which is prone to winter flooding. The turf will be replaced with plants including low sedges and rushes. 

The three year project is scheduled to be completed by 2023.

Weed control will be undertaken quarterly to ensure the success of the habitat restoration.

City of South Perth Mayor Greg Milner said the project had grown from the City’s Clontarf-Waterford-Salter Point Masterplan which was developed in 2019 for the stretch of foreshore from Clontarf through to Waterford and Salter Point. 

“The Masterplan provides a consolidated management strategy recognising the ecological, cultural and recreational values of the area.

“Known as the Canning River wetlands, the Clontarf-Waterford-Salter Point Foreshore occupies approximately 34 hectares of Canning River foreshore land. The area provides habitat for over 74 species of land and water birds including 14 significant bird species, 12 reptiles and 6 amphibian species.

“The Elderfield Wetlands restoration will greatly enhance the community’s experience and enjoyment of Sandon Park. The project will provide scattered shade tree planting next to footpaths for walkers and park users, reconfigure and divert existing drain infrastructure to improve water quality management, and improve connectivity and between Sandon Park and Curtin University Boat Club ensuring universal access.”

This project is funded by the Swan Canning River Recovery Stage 3, supported by Perth NRM through funding from the Australian Government.

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