Council to consider Verge Tree Swings

News Update 29 October 2020

The City of South Perth Council has voted to consider an amendment to the Public Places and Local Government Property Local Law to allow swings on verge trees within the City.

The alternative motion was presented at the Ordinary Council Meeting this week in relation to a review of the local law.

City of South Perth Mayor Greg Milner said the current local law doesn’t expressly provide for swings or rope ladders to be hung in trees on verges adjacent to private property.

“Over the years, significant changes have resulted in trees disappearing from backyards and children have less opportunity to play at their homes than in the past. Currently the City only removes verge tree swings if a complaint is made.

“Council has requested further information including the benefits and potential issues and risks associated with verge swings be presented to Council before the end of the year,” Mayor Milner said.

A report is now being prepared for Council in relation to the matter. If Council endorses a further amendment to the local law regarding verge street trees, the proposed change will be released for public comment.

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