Protecting our bird life

News Update 22 October 2020

Six bird water stations are being installed in reserves around the City, providing a clean, safe and consistent drinking water supply for the Forest Red-tailed Black Cockatoo.

The Forest Red-tail is well recognised as being a species whose existence in the wild is threatened with extinction. During summer, the birds need to search for water and are often forced to drink from drains, reticulation or dog bowls attached to drinking fountains which make them vulnerable to illness and predators.

The structures are 4.5 meters tall and include four troughs with attached perches that can hold up to 20 litres of fresh water. Three water stations have already been installed in the Collier Park precinct, the remaining three will be placed at Ryrie Reserve, Goss Reserve and Salter Point Lagoon later this year.

The City has been looking into different solutions to help protect the cockatoo and has joined forces with the Town of Victoria Park. For more information on the City’s environmental projects click here.

Image: Robert Audent-Ross – Friends of Jirdarup

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