New times for Mindeerup sound and light display

News Update 1 October 2020

With the warmer months just around the corner and our days getting longer, the Mindeerup sound and light display will change to summer operating times.

Until April, Mindeerup will be lit up at 8pm and 9pm, Monday to Thursday and 8pm, 8.30pm and 9pm, Friday to Sunday.

The sound and light display called Karl Kep Ngoornd-iny (meaning Fire and Water Dreaming) by artist Yondee Shane Hansen and Art+ (Art Coordination), uses projection technologies to share ancient stories and represent the cycles and rhythms of country from an Aboriginal perspective.

The piece is based on two brothers dreaming – fire and water, and reflects the changing Noongar seasons of Birak the season of the young, Bunuru the season of adolescence, Djeran the season of adulthood, Makuru the season of fertility, Djilba the season of conception and Kambarang the season of birth.

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