Integrated transport plan

Media Release 1 September 2020

The City is developing an Integrated Transport Plan to help us facilitate a safe, efficient and reliable transport network.

Understanding population and transport trends and the communities needs now and into the future is essential to developing a plan. The City is using a platform called Profile ID to understand how people move in and around our city. Research so far has revealed some interesting insights including:

  • Almost half of Como’s households (46.7%) have 1 car or do not own a car
  • Compared to Greater Perth (2.1%), a greater proportion (7.0%) of Karawara residents walk to work
  • Kensington residents use the bus more (10.9%) compared to Greater Perth (4.1%)
  • Manning residents have the highest car usage of all our City’s suburbs at 65.5% and is the only suburb with car usage above the Greater Perth percentage (64.1%)
  • Compared to the City’s median age, Salter Point has the highest resident population, aged 85 years and older
  • South Perth residents cycle (2.7%) and walk (3.2%) most on their journey to work compared to our other suburbs
  • Waterford residents have the highest ownership of three or more cars (29.9%) compared to our other suburbs

The City aims to have a draft Integrated Transport Plan prepared by early 2021. Stay tuned for further project updates.

To view all available community profile data for your suburb click here.

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