Planning for our future

Media Release 13 July 2020
Local Planning Strategy

The Thriving Neighbourhoods program incorporates the Local Planning Scheme No. 7, Integrated Transport Plan and economic development to support our local businesses through growth and change.

Growth brings many opportunities, including access to a wider range of local services for residents and businesses. It also brings challenges, including the number of people moving around the City and new types of buildings to accommodate this growth.

The Local Planning Strategy is the first step to establishing a plan to accommodate our growing City. The Integrated Transport Plan will help us facilitate a safe, efficient and reliable network.

As COVID-19 has shown, some changes occur very quickly, others such as the increase in people moving around the City need to be developed. The City is actively working to build resilience and to respond to future changes, managing long-term trends like population growth, traffic and the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The Local Planning Strategy is expected to be presented to Council this month. Over the next 12-18 months there will be opportunities for you to have your say on these projects. For more information visit

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