Council resolves to support Draft Scheme Amendment No. 63

News Update 29 May 2020

Council considered Draft Scheme Amendment No. 63 - Preston Street Neighbourhood Centre at its meeting on 26 May 2020 where it was resolved to support the amendment subject to modifications.

The modifications are summarised as follows:

  • The height of buildings on Site ‘S’ and Site ‘R’ being limited to between 4-6 storeys
  • The size of any shop (including a supermarket) automatically permitted in the amendment area being limited to 1,200sqm or less, about double the size of the existing supermarket
  • Site ‘R’ now includes No. 17 Preston Street
  • Additional provisions to further protect access to light and outlook (views) from adjoining properties.

The minutes and an electronic recording of the meeting are available on the City's website.

The amendment along with Council’s recommendation will now be forwarded to the Western Australian Planning Commission. The WAPC will consider the Council’s recommendations before the Minister for Planning determines the amendment.

For more information about the consultation and the amendment, visit Your Say South Perth.

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