Floating Islands at Lake Douglas

News Update 4 May 2020
Parks and Reserve works South Perth Foreshore

Two floating islands have been installed at Lake Douglas in South Perth to encourage swans and other birds to nest.

The man made islands are constructed from HDPE pipe and polypropylene grate, which have been planted with baumea preissii to create a nesting area.

Lake Douglas has been identified as a suitable breeding ground for the swans and the islands will provide a refuge from predators. As the rushes grow under the islands, they will filter the water for nutrients and help improve the quality of water in the lake.

The floating rafts are UV resistant and are expected to last for more than 18 years.

Lake Douglas is part of the South Perth Foreshore Plan - Strategy N7 The Lakes, to identify the most appropriate combination of uses for the foreshore area, while maintaining and preserving the environmental and heritage values of the area and its surrounds. For more information on the City’s Environmental Projects click here.

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