City trials new tools to decrease emissions

News Update 17 October 2019

The City of South Perth has been trialling battery powered light plants at the Collier Park Retirement Village (CPV) grounds in an effort to reduce emissions.

Since August 2019 the City has been utilising a variety of commercial grade battery powered tools with mid-weight, fast charge backpacks (5.5kg) being used to service the CPV grounds.

CPV is an independent and secure retirement village for those over 55, nestled among landscaped parklands and ornamental lakes in Como. 

The aim of the trial is to assess whether the backpack-style battery is manageable for staff, particularly during the summer months; and whether the equipment could be used more widely throughout the City for other areas like parks and natural areas. The benefit would be the reduced use of fossil fuels and noise pollution for those nearby. 

The trial will run for at least one year and currently involves the four staff members at CPV. A small team was considered ideal because of the number of tools and batteries required. 

The tools are as powerful as their petrol powered cousins and just as sturdy thanks to the cartridge batteries, which are quick to charge. 

The range of tools being trialled include a chainsaw, brush cutters, hedge trimmers and blowers, as well as a variety of battery packs to determine the suitable amount and style of batteries required if these tools were to be adopted on a wider scale. 

The tools are super quiet, which is great for working near residential areas and good for operators, with only two tools requiring hearing protection. A bonus is that there is no exhaust smoke blowing into the face of the operator.

Mayor Sue Doherty was pleased the City was taking the opportunity to test a new range that offers benefits to residents and operators alike. 

“This is a good chance for the City to evaluate its equipment and decide whether more can be done to make these works less of an inconvenience to residents and workers,” Mayor Doherty said. 

“We are always looking at ways to be more environmentally friendly, so hopefully this trial will ultimately provide an option for us for many of the active reserves and open spaces the City manages and maintains.”

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