Dan Murphy’s approval on Canning Highway

Media Response 15 October 2019

Media enquiry from The West Australian/Community News 

In light of Dan Murphy’s in Como getting the green light from the Liquor Commission I would like to offer the mayor an opportunity to make a statement.

How does the City feel about the approval of the bottle shop next to Como Hotel? Is it needed? Is this news unwelcome?

I’m writing the story for The West Australian today…

If Sue is able to make a short statement I’ll be sure to include it in the article.

Please attribute the following statement to City of South Perth Mayor, Sue Doherty.

“I’m dismayed and amazed that two years after the hearing, the Commission has announced out of the blue that this has been approved, and Main Roads Western Australia’s advice has been overlooked.

“More amazingly, no reasons have been given by the Commission despite sitting on the matter for two whole years.

“Our local member John McGrath and Federal member Steve Irons have been against this, and today member for the South Metropolitan Region Kate Doust also spoke against it. Our residents don’t want it.

“It will cause a substantial increase in traffic, and there are already concerns around that corner of Canning Highway. South Terrace is used as a main road for those transiting to Curtin University and is not a dual laneway. It takes several changes of lights to get across Canning Highway from South Terrace already at peak hours and there are simply no available traffic solutions to deal with the traffic increase a Dan Murphy’s on this site will cause. 

“We need the State Government to intervene and listen to the community. 

“The Commission has not released any reasoning behind this remarkable decision, so it is difficult to comment in any further detail.”

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