Citrus Gall Wasp alert

Public Notice 14 June 2019

Citrus Gall Wasp, a pest of citrus trees in commercial orchards and home gardens and is spreading rapidly. This wasp poses a threat to the citrus industry in WA.

To keep this pest out of commercial orchards for as long as possible, the assistance of residents is required.

You can help in the following ways:

  • Prune-out galls by 30 June and place them in the sun to dry out (large galls should be chopped up)
  • Galls removed after 30 June must be chopped up and solarised (in a plastic bag) in a sunny location for at least four weeks to kill developing larvae
  • Dispose of prunings in kerbside general bin once dried or solarised. 
  • Work with your neighbours to reduce reinfestation of your tree
  • Don’t move plants between properties, don’t leave galls on the tree or throw galls in the rubbish without treatment
  • Report citrus gall wasp using

The factsheet below provides more information on citrus gall wasp and its control or you can visit